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To Marco Baljeu & Liliana Zuluaga,                                                        10/11/2012

Just completed my THIRD refinance in five years with Marco and Liliana. As always, it was a pleasure. Marco and Liliana are helpful and personable throughout. They always had time to answer my questions.

Their low, low rates complete with rebates that cover closing costs make for an unbelievable deal. I don't know why EVERYONE doesn't do this. With little effort, my home loan rate and length have dropped dramatically.

Highly recommend these guys!

M.V., Rocklin, California


To Russ Ortega,                                                                                      9/21/2012

I received my Escrow refund check this week and ran all of the numbers for the refinance we just completed. I must tell you, I couldn't be happier with the results. This latest refinance was the easiest of the 3 you have completed for me. It's a crazy business you work in because of the following:

You reduced my payments more than $100 a month for the next 360 months (for the third time in the last year).

Lowered my rate another 1/2 point (again, for the third time).

Performed the latest refinance with no net out of pocket money from me.

Stayed with me and did all 3 refinances even after I went with the seller's finance company whom I felt obligated to go with because they owned the property. I still remember what you told me when I called to say how sorry I was for going with the other people, "Don't worry Bob, I will save you some money in the near future."

I sincerely hope that you are thanked by some of the other people for whom you have performed similar actions as well as hope that you have been substantially rewarded for your fine work. I know that I have always said thanks before. For those who don't take the time to tell you this, please remember that I will forever be grateful to you for what you have done for me.. Since first buying this house in May of 2011, you have reduced my monthly payment 16%. I find this to be truly remarkable. 

Sincere Thanks and Regards,

B.D., Huntington Beach, California

P.S. As an added bonus with the last transaction, Wells Fargo just bought the note and this is very significant for 2 reasons. It's not Bank of America and Wells has been my personal bank for the last 33 years. It's like hitting a Grand Slam! With so much going my way, maybe I will finally get to see The Eagles win the Super Bowl this year. I have never be able to put the 1980 loss to the Raiders behind me because the Raiders were the first wild card team to win the Super Bowl.


To Chris Patrick,                                                                                     10/3/2012

Chris Patrick has helped me refinance my home a few times and completed loans on a couple investment properties as well. I have always gotten super prompt service and at the lowest fees I can find anywhere. Unlike most loan officers who hand you off to a transaction processor after the initial contact, Chris handles the entire process. So you know you will get a very knowledgeable & experienced person handling your loan without any mix ups or delays from beginning to end.

With Chris, you won’t have to sacrifice good service for the best rates & fees. I have recommended him to friends and family who have done their loans through him and have been equally impressed.

T.W., San Diego, California


To Jim Guest,                                                                                           9/4/2012

I have done a couple loans through Jim Guest with Compass Home Lending. He is very professional and kept me informed all the way through the process. He delivered what he promised and on time as well.

J.S., Rocklin, California


To Jim Guest,                                                                                               9/4/2012

Jim Guest has now refinanced my home twice, each time lowering my rate without any fees. He has kept me informed and closed on time twice with no hassles. Thanks Jim

A.P., Torrance, California


To Jacqueline Nguyen Averill & Liliana Zuluaga,                                     5/31/2012

I recently refinanced my home through Compass Home Lending, 2183 Fairview Road Ste 107, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 www.compasshomelending.com

Our agent was Jacqueline Nguyen Averill, 949-630-3822 office, 949-701-7019 cell, 866-861-0397 efax and our processor was Liliana Zuluaga, 949-502-0414, 949-313-5014 fax.

Jacqueline was very patient, helpful, informative, and not push (as is all too common in this industry). When I had questions, she had logical explanations that made sense and her answers were not thoughtless or manipulative. She kept us informed, even when out of the office.

Liliana was very much on the ball and handled the paperwork and details with accountability, timeliness, and professionalism.

I would highly recommend Jacqueline and Liliana at Compass Home Lending to anyone who wants a competitive rate and terms coupled with integrity and professionalism.

B. O., Carlsbad, California


To David Gramse,                                                                                   3/29/2011

David Gramse has twice helped me to refinance my home. I first worked with him two years ago and then again earlier this year. Both times,m I found David to be knowledgeable and professional.

I am an Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco. My Work requires that I pay close attention to market conditions. Nevertheless, I find refinancing to be a tedious, complex and stressful endeavor. David,s demeaner and expertise makes the process as smooth as possible. I would be happy to work with him to refinance again if conditions permit.

M.G., San Francisco, California 


To David Gramse,                                                                                   9/28/2011

I would highly recommend David Gramse as a loan consultant. I have refinanced my home every 120 days or so due to the exceptional rates available in the market today. David has promised and delivered multiple refinances for me. We personally changed strategies by putting my wife on the loan which he thought would help. It has and he has been able to fix so many issues that pop up with each refinance.

I email him daily to check rates and to work with him on closing loans. My family owes him a great deal.

R.F., Cupertino, California

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Are you looking to purchase a home? Use the form within the banner above to see how much lower our rates are than the big banks. Then fill out our short application to see if you qualify and obtain a pre-approval letter.
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Are you looking to refinance? Use the form within the banner above to see how much lower our rates are than the big banks. Then fill out our short application to see if you qualify and obtain a pre-approval letter.
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